Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Library announces participation in Empire Library Delivery service

The James A. Cannavino Library has joined a network of 131 other libraries across the state of New York in a service designed specifically to expedite library materials delivery.  Empire Library Delivery is a van service that picks up and drops off materials, by-passing standard mail services.  Marist has chosen to have library materials delivered twice a week, resulting in a shorter turn-around time for interlibrary loan request fulfillment, if those materials are held in a participating New York state library.  If you have any questions about this new service, please contact Judy Diffenderfer (

Thursday, September 15, 2016

What’s New at the James A. Cannavino Library

What’s New at the James A. Cannavino Library

Welcome back to campus!  Marist librarians and library staff are ready to help you get this academic year off to a great start with the following new products:
·       Credo Reference—an excellent resource to help students find core information about hundreds of topics.  The content includes over 650 encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, and topical handbooks.  Of particular interest is the ability to generate mind maps, creating a visualization of the relationships among a variety of related subject areas.
·       PrivCo—PrivCo offers Marist users extensive profiles of over 850,000 privately-held companies around the world.  In addition PrivCo contains information about private equity firms, mergers and acquisitions, and venture capital funding.  This is a useful resource for management students, but also any student looking for a job or internship with a private company. 
·       MLA Handbook 8th edition—if you use the MLA style guide for your writing, please note that a new edition is now available.  MLA notes that this guide was updated to make the format of the information source irrelevant when creating the citation.  Information about the print version of the MLA Handbook as well as online guides that cover the new edition are available on our Citation Style Pathfinder

Finally—a reminder to contact your subject liaison to schedule an in-class bibliographic instruction session or to have a Pathfinder created for your course.  We are here to help!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Road to the Workplace: Research Tools

Do you know students who are preparing to go on job interviews?  The Library has a special The Road to the Workplace:Research Tools (RTTW)  to help students prepare for job interviews.  Entering an interview with an awareness of the strengths and challenges facing a company and its industry creates a positive impression, and enables students to highlight their relevant knowledge and skills.
The Road to theWorkplace : Research Tools Pathfinder  highlights the resources most helpful in researching an employer prior to an interview.  The guide breaks down the research process for a wide variety of employers, from for-profit companies to non-profits organizations and government agencies.  Databases with daily updates provide articles with the latest information about a company or organization. RTTW also contains guidance on how to read important business documents and provides information about salary ranges for typical jobs in all fields. 
A connected resource, EmployerProfiles Databaseprovides an overview of potential employers and internship providers.  It includes freely available information and links to data, articles and reports available within Marist’s subscription databases.

Marist Librarians are available to help you research potential employers at the Reference Desk, by telephone at 845-575-3292, or by email form.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

24/7 Study Space in Library

Beginning at 10:00AM Saturday, 12/12/15 through 5:30PM Friday, 12/18/15 the Library will be open as a study space 24 hours a day.  Please share this information with your students.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Fox Hunt Enhancements

Fox Hunt underwent an upgrade this summer resulting in several enhancements.  The Fox Hunt search still begins with a simple, Google-like search box on the Library homepage, but the results display is now divided into three columns.  The enhancements are seen in the new right hand column.  This new design saves the searcher time by displaying dynamic information about the document currently highlighted.  By moving the cursor over one record after another, the searcher can read a series of summaries and abstracts without ever having to open a separate tab or document.  In the case of a book, the table of contents and links to book reviews are also provided.


Also in the right hand column are buttons for citing and emailing.  The Email button will send a link to the full text article.  The Cite button allows the user to choose a citation format and then displays an easily copied citation that can be pasted into a document.

The limiters are still available in the left hand column.  Searchers can limit results to peer reviewed content, to various format types, by discipline, and they can specify a publication date range with the date slider.  The book/ebook format limiter has been enhanced.  When it is checked additional limiters such as “author”, “genre”, “region”, and “time period” become available.  

Fox Hunt now has a responsive design web architecture which means that it will adapt to all sizes of screens, from desktop to smartphone.  The Search box now features predictive text.  Midway down the search results page are links to possible related searches.  Finally the searching algorithms were enhanced to present the most relevant documents at the top of the results display.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


The Cannavino Library is happy to announce that after our campus trial in the spring, we have subscribed to Kanopy's streaming media patron driven demand service.  In order to pay for the service, we have cancelled all but one of our subscriptions to the Alexander Street Press media databases;  we have retained our subscription to the Filmakers Library Online.

Kanopy currently has over 26,000 films in their database and fifty or more new titles are added each month.  The videos come from leading producers such as CriterionPBSCalifornia NewsreelKino Lorber and First Run Features.  During our trial, several faculty members commented on the currency and breadth of the collection.

To assist in using the service, please note:
  • The database can be browsed by subject area or keyword.  
  • Each subject page and each individual film have a permanent URL that can be used for direct linking from a course pathfinder or your iLearn site.
  • By establishing an account, you can create clips, playlists, and a watch list for future viewing.
  • The homepage features a listing of new videos added that month, as well as other special listings.  For example, right now one of the featured listings is for films relevant to college orientation.

Under Kanopy's patron driven demand model, the Library will  pay streaming license fees for only those films that are viewed at least four times for more than 30 seconds each view within a twelve month period. This will allow faculty and students to browse the collection for classroom and research purposes without actually triggering a purchase.  Once a film has been "viewed" four times, the Library will be charged a streaming license fee and the film can then be played unlimited times in a one year period without incurring additional cost.

If you have any questions on this new service, please contact your librarian liaison.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Trial to Kanopy Streaming Media Service

The Library has arranged one final streaming video trial.  This time we will be examining over 26,000 videos available through Kanopy.  The videos come from leading producers such as Criterion, PBS, California Newsreel, Kino Lorber and First Run Features.  And more are being added each year.

The Kanopy service is different from the ones we trialed previously, in that it is a patron driven acquisitions model.  If we decide to join the service, we will  pay only streaming license fees for those films that are viewed at least four times for more than 30 seconds each view within a twelve month period.  The company believes this should allow faculty and students to browse the collection for classroom and research purposes without actually triggering a purchase.  Once a film has been "viewed" four times, a streaming license fee will be charged and the film can then be viewed unlimited times in a one year period without incurring additional fees.

According to the company, their patron driven acquisitions model is currently used in over 700 academic institutions, including UMass, Harvard and Columbia with research showing "films are mostly triggered by faculty usage and generate significantly more than 4 plays".  

As with our other trials, we are posting a survey for your feedback.

Your input is very important and we greatly appreciate your time in participating in these trials.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Important Survey If You Use Library Online Videos

The business of academically-oriented video streaming currently is undergoing dynamic changes.  Recently we have trialed several new services, and we appreciate the great feedback we received from the faculty.  As yet, we have not identified one streaming service that meets most of the needs of our campus.  Indeed, there may not be a one size fits all service available.

Before we arrange one final trial (this time with Kanopy  which will run after the spring break), we would like to survey the faculty on which online videos you plan on re-using from our current streaming service.  This survey is important, as we may need to discontinue our service with Alexander Street Press this August in order to subscribe to a new video streaming service for the next academic year.  We currently subscribe to the following collections with Alexander Street Press:  American History in Video; Counseling & Therapy in Video; Education in Video; and Filmakers Library Online.

Please email the list of video titles you are interested in re-using (or any comments) to   We thank you for your time and support.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Road to the Workplace – Employer Research from the James A. Cannavino Library

New Updates to Road to the Workplace

Last semester, in response to the competitive job market that all students find themselves in upon graduation, the James A. Cannavino Library introduced Road to the Workplace, designed to help Marist students preparing for interviews, internships, and their post-college futures.
Road to the Workplace has just been updated to include points of interest to Marist students, updated RSS feeds and social media links and 22 additional potential employers!

           We hope that you will visit this newly updated resource and share it with your students.

           Road to the Workplace provides collected data on potential employers. Public companies, private companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies are all represented. Employers have been selected based on their relevance to Marist students seeking employment, and based on some of their relationships with the Marist community. Some of the profiled employers will even be present at the upcoming Spring 2015 Career and Internship Fair.

Road to the Workplace can be accessed at
A printable flyer is available.

For more information contact:
Nancy L. Lewis

Friday, February 6, 2015

Trial to A Different Video Streaming Service - Films On Demand

The Library has arranged a trial to a new video steaming service, Films On Demand, which is from a different provider than previous trials.  This service comes from the Films Media Group.  We already own a number of their educational VHS tapes and DVDs; some of these were published under the Films for the Humanities & Sciences label.

We are attempting to find the video streaming service that best meets the needs of the majority of the academic departments and their programs before approaching the college for funding.

This trial includes the following collections and is good through March 5:

  • Master Academic Collection
  • Archival Films & Newsreels Collection
  • World Cinema Collection
  • Nursing Video Collection
  • Career & Technical Education Collection

As always, we really need your input.

Will you please check out the videos in your area and respond to the survey we have put up next to the trial link.  We especially need your thoughts on how these videos compare to those from Alexander Street Press (VAST) - the ones you looked at in the Fall.  We also need to know how they compare to the films we already have access to in our Filmakers Library Online, American History in Video, and Education in Video subscriptions.  If you are using any of the films in these current video databases for your courses, please let us know.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to either your Library Liaison or to Judy Diffenderfer.