Monday, August 28, 2017

Welcome back!

Welcome back!
As you begin the semester, remember that we in the library are here to support your teaching and your student's research.  We are happy to create a course-specific library resource pathfinder, and are always available for in-class research skills presentations.
Enjoy the beginning of classes!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Lowell Thomas Scavenger Hunt Questions

Join in the fun, as we celebrate Lowell Thomas' 125th birthday!

Take a “selfie” in each location (with the location clearly visible and identifiable) and tweet or post to Facebook with the #MARISTARCHIVE #LOWELLTHOMAS

1.      An entire building on the Marist campus is dedicated to this person born on April 6, 1892.  Which building is it?

2.     In which building could Lowell Thomas have sheltered his pony as a boy?

3.     Lowell Thomas built an enormous fireplace at his home, Quaker Hill, where on campus can you find a working fireplace?

4.     If Marist were to screen an “Out of This World” film, where on campus could you watch it?

5.     Where on the Marist campus would you find Lowell Thomas’ “Nine Old Men” playing?

6.     Lowell Thomas was an avid sportsman. Where would he go if he were alive today to work out and stay in shape?

7.     During his visit to Tibet, Lowell fell from a horse on a mountain pass and broke his leg.  Students will soon be able to study a field of Science that would have helped him recover. In what building will they be learning these skills?

8.     In what display are there cameras, and a microphone showing the different media types Lowell used throughout his career?

9.     When Lowell returned from Tibet he brought back several artifacts to share with everyone. If he were to have an exhibition today, which building space would he use?

10.  Lowell Thomas was credited for creating a cinema experience much like IMAX today. Where can you find and entire display dedicated to this?

Once you have tweeted or posted all your “selfies” go to the Archive and Special Collections on the first floor of the library to see if you have won a prize!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Help Celebrate Lowell Thomas' 125th Birthday

Join the Marist Archives and Special Collections department in the James A. Cannavino Library as we celebrate Lowell Thomas' 125th birthday!

On Monday April 10th, there will be a scavenger hunt where you will be able to post “selfies” to social media sites at various locations around campus.  The first 25 participants with all 10 locations posted will win a Marist Library travel mug, and the first 3 winners with all correct answers will win prizes!

Rules for the scavenger hunt are:
  • All locations are on the Marist campus.
  • You must take a selfie at each location and the location MUST be easily identifiable.
  • All “selfies” must be posted and hash-tagged with #MARISTARCHIVES  #LOWELLTHOMAS and tweeted or posted to Facebook
  • All contest entrants will come to the Marist Archive and Special Collections found on the first floor of the library to verify their entry and to see if they have won a prize.
  • Contest will begin on Monday April 10th at 9:00am and will end by Tuesday April 11th at 9:00am.
Contest is open to all members of the Marist community.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Celebrate Children's Books!

Join us on Thursday, April 27 at 4 p.m. in the James A Cannavino Library's Gartland Reading Room for Story Fest: A Celebration of Marist's Favorite Children's Books.  In conjunction with the American Library Association's Children's Day/Book Day, we are encouraging the entire Marist community to view the book display, enjoy some refreshments, and read from their favorite books. Children are more than welcome!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Explore the New Book Display

To highlight the library's recent acquisitions, we have created a New Book Display, located next to the Research Desk.  Stop by and browse the latest in fiction and non-fiction, and check out a title to explore and enjoy!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Library open 24/7 as study space

If your students are looking for a place to study, remind them that from now until 5:30 p.m. this Friday, December 16, the library will be open 24/7 as a study space.  Full library services will be available from 7:30 a.m. until 2 a.m.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Librarians Reviewing Reference Collection

Over the fall and spring semesters librarians will be reviewing the titles in the reference collection housed on the second floor of the library.  Our goal is to create a more up-to-date and useful collection and free up prime space in order to add student seating.  As each title is examined, we will:
  • ·       Discard physical materials that are outdated or in poor condition,
  • ·       Examine our electronic holdings to determine if more current information is readily available on the topic.  If not, electronic replacements will be considered for purchase as our budget allows,
  • ·       Move those materials that are not outdated, but would prove more useful if available for check-out, to the circulating collection.

If you refer your students to particular titles in this collection and need to have them remain there, please contact your subject liaison, whom you can find here 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Library announces participation in Empire Library Delivery service

The James A. Cannavino Library has joined a network of 131 other libraries across the state of New York in a service designed specifically to expedite library materials delivery.  Empire Library Delivery is a van service that picks up and drops off materials, by-passing standard mail services.  Marist has chosen to have library materials delivered twice a week, resulting in a shorter turn-around time for interlibrary loan request fulfillment, if those materials are held in a participating New York state library.  If you have any questions about this new service, please contact Judy Diffenderfer (

Thursday, September 15, 2016

What’s New at the James A. Cannavino Library

What’s New at the James A. Cannavino Library

Welcome back to campus!  Marist librarians and library staff are ready to help you get this academic year off to a great start with the following new products:
·       Credo Reference—an excellent resource to help students find core information about hundreds of topics.  The content includes over 650 encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, and topical handbooks.  Of particular interest is the ability to generate mind maps, creating a visualization of the relationships among a variety of related subject areas.
·       PrivCo—PrivCo offers Marist users extensive profiles of over 850,000 privately-held companies around the world.  In addition PrivCo contains information about private equity firms, mergers and acquisitions, and venture capital funding.  This is a useful resource for management students, but also any student looking for a job or internship with a private company. 
·       MLA Handbook 8th edition—if you use the MLA style guide for your writing, please note that a new edition is now available.  MLA notes that this guide was updated to make the format of the information source irrelevant when creating the citation.  Information about the print version of the MLA Handbook as well as online guides that cover the new edition are available on our Citation Style Pathfinder

Finally—a reminder to contact your subject liaison to schedule an in-class bibliographic instruction session or to have a Pathfinder created for your course.  We are here to help!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Road to the Workplace: Research Tools

Do you know students who are preparing to go on job interviews?  The Library has a special The Road to the Workplace:Research Tools (RTTW)  to help students prepare for job interviews.  Entering an interview with an awareness of the strengths and challenges facing a company and its industry creates a positive impression, and enables students to highlight their relevant knowledge and skills.
The Road to theWorkplace : Research Tools Pathfinder  highlights the resources most helpful in researching an employer prior to an interview.  The guide breaks down the research process for a wide variety of employers, from for-profit companies to non-profits organizations and government agencies.  Databases with daily updates provide articles with the latest information about a company or organization. RTTW also contains guidance on how to read important business documents and provides information about salary ranges for typical jobs in all fields. 
A connected resource, EmployerProfiles Databaseprovides an overview of potential employers and internship providers.  It includes freely available information and links to data, articles and reports available within Marist’s subscription databases.

Marist Librarians are available to help you research potential employers at the Reference Desk, by telephone at 845-575-3292, or by email form.