Thursday, April 10, 2014

2013-2014 Faculty Recognition Awards

Award recipients Dr. Carrizales and  Dr. Frank with Marist  Executive Vice President Dr. Brackett.

Fontaine Hall's Henry Hudson Room was the setting for the 2013-2014 Faculty Recognition Awards on March 26. The awards are presented annually by the Marist College Library and the Library Development Committee to recognize faculty who have distinguished themselves by their scholarly and/or creative work.  This year's honorees are Tony Carrizales, Associate Professor of Public Administration and Scott D. Frank, Associate Professor of Mathematics.

Dr. Matheus opens the ceremonies
Associate Professor of Information Systems and Chairwoman of the Library Development Committee Carolyn Matheus, who organized the ceremony presented the awards to the recipients.    

Dr. Carrizales

A native of South Texas, Dr. Carrizales was introduced by colleague and Associate Professor of Public Administration, James Melitski as possibly "the only person on campus with both a framed copy of the U.S. Constitution and the Texas Declaration of Independence on their office wall."

Dr. Melitski
Melitski and Carrizales met while doctoral students at Rutgers University, and have collaborated in publishing  a pair of articles from a case study of best practices in e-governance in Prague, Czech Republic. "He's an excellent collaborator, who uses research as a way of engaging public officials," said Dr.Melitski.

A major focus of Dr. Carrizales' scholarship is the application of technology to make government more efficient and responsive to the needs of a diverse citizenry.

"When I started my research, most cities didn't have web sites and I saw technology as something with the potential to theorize about ways it can be used as a resource to ask 'how can organizations be most effective and efficient in engaging with a diverse citizenry," said Dr.Carrizales.

In addition to the Prague study, Dr. Carrizales was also awarded funding in 2012 for a summer research grant at Marist's Florence Campus in Italy as part of a review of international approaches to sanitation, and he has served the past five years as the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Public Management and Social Policy.

Dr. Frank

Dr. Frank has been at Marist since 2003 and has received research grant from the Simons Foundation and the Office of Naval Research. He has coauthored several articles on underwater acoustics, including studies of blue whale vocalizations in the Solomon Sea.

Colleague and Associate Professor of Mathematics Peter Krog introduced Dr. Frank and praised him for involving his students in his research. He noted that five Marist students have completed underwater acoustic research projects with Dr. Frank and four of those students have gone on to pursue graduate studies in mathematics, applied mathematics and physical oceanography.
Dr. Krog

"Many of us have difficulty from time to time finding the right balance between our research programs and the other demands of our profession. Scott's dedication to his scholarly work has inspired me at times when I've struggled with mine," said Dr. Krog.

Dr. Frank said his studies involve finding nautical solutions of partial differential equations, "which are how things change and how two or more rules of of change co-exist." He enjoys teaching classic theories, such as Maxwell's equations governing electromagnetism, and then finding the correct tools to measure real-world variables, such as the introduction of friction to conductivity of metal plates.

"You need to have tools to find out what's going on he said."Among those tools are earwax plugs for whales, that measure the effects ocean pollution as well as stress hormone levels.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Share your opinion with us -- Should we subscribe to Mango Languages database?

Mango Languages 

The Library has a trial for the Mango Languages database. It can be accessed at: Mango Languages Trial .

We believe that Mango Languages will be of interest not only to the Modern Languages & Cultures Department, but also to students who are going to study abroad, and to international students here at Marist. Mango divides the language courses into 3 categories: Foreign Languages (57); English Courses for non-English Speakers (17); and Religious and Scholarly for English Speakers (4).

 If you would like to see the Library subscribe, please fill out the survey form. Patron feedback is very important to the subscription decision. 

When you first access Mango Languages select the option "Try It First".

Mango provides foreign language instruction modules that are self-paced and provide basic conservation skills and cultural notes.  The Library has already received positive feedback from students.

Mango also includes an innovative inter-active foreign video feature (Mango Premiere). For a quick introduction, watch the very short Mango Premiere Tour YouTube video.  To access Mango Premiere, look directly below the large green letters that say, "Find a conversation". There is a menu with "Apps" as the second choice. Select "Apps" to find the menu for Mango Premiere.

 In the event that we subscribe to Mango, our patrons could use it on a variety of smart phones and tablets. In trial mode, Mango is unable to provide general access to those devices. However, we have a username and password in the Library that enables us to test the functionality on a variety of small platforms. If you would like to see a demonstration of Mango on such devices, please contact

Please remember to fill out the survey if you would like to see the Library subscribe to Mango Languages.Your input is very important.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Jeremy Schwartz, Assistant Librarian for Research and Public Services

Jeremy Schwartz is the latest addition to the Cannavino Library staff. A Poughkeepsie native, he grew up attending Marist basketball games at the McCann Arena. Prior to becoming a librarian, Jeremy was a journalist whose work has appeared in many local publications, including The Poughkeepsie Journal, Daily Freeman, Taconic Press, Weekly Beat, Ulster Publishing, and Chronogram.  His news coverage has included the Dutchess County Legislature, Hudson Valley Renegades, theater and film reviews, notable court cases, and the local music scene.

As a member of the Cannavino Library Research Services team, Jeremy assists students and faculty at the Library's Reference Desk and is a Library Liaison to the Communication, Music, Religion and Philosophy, and Media Arts Departments. Additionally, he is a regular presence behind the Circulation Desk, helping to supervise and train student assistants and ensuring the efficient and courteous dispatch of public services. He looks forward to meeting faculty and assisting with research and classroom needs, such as bibliographic instructions sessions, Course Pathfinders, First Year Seminars, and other collaborative projects.

His past library experiences include stints at Mount St. Mary College, Columbia-Greene Community College, and the New York State Library. He has also served as a volunteer archivist and web page administrator for WGXC Community radio in Hudson, NY.  When not at the Library, Jeremy's interests included collecting scratchy vinyl lps, playing guitar (primitively), hiking in the Catskills, sampling the live music scene in the Hudson Valley, and following his beloved New York Mets.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Pathfinder Program Overview


In Fall of 2012 the Library introduced their Pathfinder program. In this blog post we will give an overview of  how Pathfinders are being used on campus.


Upon the request of a faculty member, a librarian works with the faculty member to create a customized mini-website with only the resources essential to the class, or even, to a specific assignment. The Pathfinder can contain links to databases, books and ebooks, journals and journal articles, videos, forms, images, etc.  It can be structured to fit the needs of your class.  The Pathfinder as a whole can be linked into iLearn, and specific pages can be linked individually in iLearn Lesson or iLearn Resources.

Faculty response to Pathfinders has been quite positive.


As you can see below, the number of Pathfinders and sections they serve has been increasing steadily.  Comparing Fall 2012 to Fall 2013, there was a 67% increase in the number of Pathfinders.  And although we are only half-way through Spring 2014, we have already surpassed the number  created in Spring 2013.

We have seen most Pathfinders reused semester after semester. In courses with multiple sections, Pathfinders have been quite popular. They help standardize the library experience that students have across the sections.

Student use of Pathfinders has been significant.  In Fall 2013 we saw an average of 11 page views per student, with one class seeing as many as 69 page views per student.

The chart below shows the distribution of Pathfinders by course level in Fall 2013.  It should be noted that 77% of all the First Year Seminars had a Pathfinder, which influenced  the high percentage of 100 level courses having them.  Also, several of the courses with Pathfinders were taught entirely online.

A Pathfinder can be created anytime within the semester.  If you would like one for your class, please contact your Library Liaison.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trial to Video Streaming - Ambrose Digital

The Library has arranged a trial to the video streaming service, Ambrose Digital.  The database includes hundreds of broadcast-quality documentaries and educational films, many in high definition.  The films are mobile accessible, closed captioned, and allow for video clip viewing with permalinks that make it easy to include in iLearn.  

Film series include the complete BBC Shakespeare Collection, The Ascent of Man, Turning Points in US History, Childhood, A History of Christianity, The History of Western Art, and the new BBC series, Civilization: Is the West History?

If you would like the Library to subscribe to this service, please email Judy Diffenderfer at

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Impact of Government Shutdown on Online Resources

Many valuable sources of information provided by the federal government are impacted by the current lapse in appropriated funding.  Some online resources are no longer available, while others will not be updated.  The U.S. Census Bureau is providing access to American Fact Finder, but other resources like Historical Censuses and the North American Industry Classification System are inaccessible. The Library of Congress will continue to offer access to and   Limited updates will be made to during the shutdown and the database is still available to researchers.  The Federal Digital System, the main resource for government documents, will receive updates to Congressional materials and the Federal Register only.  For guidance seeking alternative resources for you or your students, please contact your Library Liaison.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Arts & Sciences IV Collection Added to JSTOR

The Library has recently expanded our holdings in JSTOR by adding the Arts & Sciences IV collection. There are 112 titles in this collection with an emphasis on business, education, and law. There are also titles in over 15 other disciplines including history, political science, psychology and sociology. In the past couple years, many students and faculty have tried to access these titles through Google, so it is a welcome addition to our collection.  

Click here for the title list.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Pathfinder

Her name was Henrietta Lacks, but scientists know her as HeLa. She was a poor black tobacco farmer whose cells—taken without her knowledge in 1951—became one of the most important tools in medicine, vital for developing the polio vaccine, cloning, gene mapping, in vitro fertilization, and more. Henrietta’s cells have been bought and sold by the billions, yet she remains virtually unknown, and her family can’t afford health insurance.
-From About The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks on

This summer, all first year students at Marist College were asked to read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot.  

Librarian Nancy Lewis has created a Special Topics Pathfinder, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,  as a resource for students and Faculty working with the common reading.  This pathfinder draws together resources related to the story and the science of the HeLa cells, maps of locations in the book, as well as resources related to researching and writing about a story. A number of multimedia resources, including  a video of HeLa cells dividing are presented.

While this Pathfinder will certainly be of use to the First Year Seminars, we hope that other classes may find these resources of use and that you will direct your students to the pathfinder as well.

We hope you will also stop by and see the Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks Display in the display case on the second floor of the Library.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Recent DVD Purchases

Check out some of the dvds the Library has recently purchased at faculty request:

Product Details   The Corporation  DVD 1534-35

Product Details   Weight of the nation  DVD 1536-38

Product Details   First World War, the complete series  DVD 1539-42

Product Details   Miss representation  DVD 1543

Product Details   Amor brugo / Love, the magician  DVD 1546

Product Details   39 steps  DVD 1557

Product Details   Half the sky  DVD 1572-73

Product Details   Ghosts of Rwanda  DVD 1576 

Product Details   Margin call  DVD 1577

Product Details   Helvetica  DVD 1585 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lowell Thomas Papers: Now Searchable Through Fox Hunt

All of the 61,369 catalog records along with 40,000 digitized images from the Lowell Thomas Papers are now searchable through Fox Hunt. This enhances the discovery process as the results from the LT Papers will be integrated to the overall search results from the library. Researchers who are particularly interested in searching Archives & Special Collections’ digital records can limit their search by selecting "Archival Materials" from the content type in the advanced search.

The Lowell Thomas Papers encompasses a wide range of materials documenting the life, family, and professional career of Lowell Thomas. These materials include correspondence, administrative and financial documents, manuscripts, printed materials, photographic materials, motion picture films, audio recordings, and memorabilia. Of particular interest are the materials relating to Thomas's travelogues, association with T.E. Lawrence, Cinerama productions, journey to Tibet, and broadcast series "High Adventure with Lowell Thomas." The overview of this collection can be viewed at: LT Paper Historical Note.

This highlights a major milestone for Archives & Special Collections. The Lowell Thomas Papers is the first digital collection from our archives to be successfully integrated in the Fox Hunt. Furthermore, we are working closely with Serial Solutions to integrate the remaining 49 manuscript collections and additional updates will be sent as we do so. In the meantime follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get a snapshot of our collections.
For a sample search of the Lowell Thomas Papers in Fox Hunt please click on the following search phrase: Lowell Thomas Tibet.